Are You Up For The Challenge?

Our work in the global marketplace has the potential to impact companies and even entire economies. What we do is challenging, but always rewarding. 


  • It’s never ‘business as usual’ for us. When our clients comprise hundreds of companies with diverse business needs, there really isn’t a standard way of doing things. We pride ourselves on being dynamic enough to react to the ever-changing, never-resting market. It’s tough work, no doubt, but it’s never mundane.
  • We take the road less travelled. More than half of our overseas network is in emerging markets like Brazil, India, Qatar and South Africa. These markets not only represent a wealth of business opportunities ripe for our companies’ picking, but are also demanding yet fulfilling environments to work in.
  • We play in the big leagues. Facilitating multi-country projects, organising international forums and collaborating with multilateral organisations is just the tip of the iceberg. For us, working with C-suite executives, world leaders and top government officials on a daily basis is almost a job requirement.
  • Every day is a new day. With increased volatility and uncertainty, current knowledge can be irrelevant the next day. Constant learning and development is crucial to stay relevant in the global business environment. Not only do we provide our staff with a foundational understanding of international business, we also expose them to short-term market attachments, industry conferences and personal sharing by overseas colleagues throughout their career.



IE Singapore Scholarship

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Young Talent Programme

Give yourself a headstart to a global career in internationalising Singapore companies with our Young Talent Programme Scholarship.



IE Internship Programme

Go behind the scenes of international business and global trade through an internship with IE Singapore!


Infrastructure Development Internship Programme

The perfect opportunity to get a foot into the infrastructure space and experience what this booming industry has to offer with the Infrastructure Development Internship Programme.