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Why Indonesia?

  • High Investment & Growth

    Indonesia achieved a GDP growth of 5.78% in 2013 despite the weak global economic climate.The country has regained its investment grade status by both Moody’s and Fitch after 14 years since the Asian financial crisis, with foreign direct investment reaching US$28.6 billion in 2013.

  • Strong Middle Class Demand

    Being the largest economy in Southeast Asia, its population of 238 million and rapidly growing middle class translate into abundant opportunities in the consumer sector. There are also opportunities in clean water supply, power generation, waste management, ports and urban transport, among others.

  • Regional Bilateral Relations

    In 1967, Indonesia was one of the founding nations of ASEAN. The main aims of ASEAN are to accelerate the economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region and promote regional peace and stability. With these aims in mind, Indonesia has signed 6 different FTAs with the regions till date. This translates to multiple benefits for businesses.

Country Information

The sheer economic potential of the world’s fourth most populous country has not gone unnoticed by Singapore, with bilateral trade reaching S$79.4 billion in 2012, making the country Singapore’s third largest trading partner. Even as Singapore continues to inject capital for investment, the Indonesian government hopes that investors will look beyond the traditional growth sectors such as banking, telecommunications and energy and also help to build the country’s transport infrastructure.


34 provinces (including 5 with special status: Jakarta Special Capital Region, Yogyakarta Special Region, Aceh, Papua and West Papua).

Population: 238 million1

Ease of doing business ranking: 120th

Economic freedom ranking: 100th

Trading Partner Ranking: 4th 

Bilateral Trade:

S$79.4 billion (2012)

S$74.8 billion (2013)

1 Statistics Indonesia 2010 census

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Special Administrative Region, Capital of Indonesia


9.6 million1


1 Statistics Indonesia 2010 census



Capital of East Java Province


2.8 million1


1 Statistics Indonesia 2010 census


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