Global mission, global organisation, global exposure
    • IE has a
      500-strong global team
    • with over 30% based overseas in more than
      37 offices worldwide
    • Speaking
      19 different languages
    IE's mission is so international. You could be in the front line or finance team
    - you'll still get first hand, real-world international exposure through your daily work, overseas job postings, attachments, business missions and study trips. You may even pick up a new language or two.
    Never business as usual
    We work with hundreds of companies with diverse business needs across many international markets.
    There is no one-size-fits-all solution so no two days at work are the same and our officers engage CEOs regularly to understand their business goals and shape their expansion plans. Are you enterprising enough to react to the ever-changing, never-resting market?
    Beyond the bottom-line
    Seeking a purpose in your work and passionate about Singapore businesses?
    IE helped more than 37,000 companies to go global in 2016. That's about 101 companies each day.
    Singapore companies can only grow so much within our shores. Overseas revenue now make up over 50% of our SMEs' total revenue and are spurring their growth. Singaporeans are enjoying better job opportunities with such international growth. Be part of this effort to grow Singapore's global economy.
    We work and play as a team
    We love team players. We work in a performance-driven environment that supports and empowers each other.
    Are you a theatre buff, yoga enthusiast or budding amateur sommelier? Whatever your interests may be, you'll be sure to find them among the many Workplace Health Promotion activities available in IE. You can also create your own interest group and find other like-minded friends.
    Everyone has a part to play in our global mission

    We want Singapore to be a leading global economy by

    We are looking for diverse talents who are passionate about and can contribute to Singapore's global aspirations
    can contribute to Singapore's global aspirations
    • International
      Want to help Singapore companies penetrate new international markets?
    • Industry
      Eager to drive the international growth of Singapore's key sectors and companies?
    • Trade
      You can strengthen Singapore's position as Asia's leading commodities trading hub.
    • Capability &
      Can you help Singapore companies develop their capabilities for internationalisation? Are you able to create a vibrant ecosystem for Singapore to thrive as a leading business hub?
    • Enterprise
      You can develop and promote IE's broad-based assistance for Singapore companies.
    • Corporate
      Are you a functional expert in Marketing, PR, HR, Audit or Finance? Support our team in driving IE's mission.