International Marketing Activities Programme

Tradeshows and missions a great way for you to reach overseas buyers, get feedback on your products and services, make valuable contacts, learn more about a market, and learn more about your competition.

Introduced in April 2002, iMAP has since supported over 1,500 TA/C-led overseas business missions and international trade fairs, and has benefitted over 9,700 participating companies.

What assistance can I get?

iMAP supports overseas business missions and Singapore Pavilions at international trade fairs organised by a TA/C. Companies who are participating in iMAP approved activities will receive support of up to 50% - 70% of eligible core expenses (depending on country where the event is held), such as rental of exhibition space, booth construction cost and fair/mission consultancy expenses.

iMAP operates on a reimbursement basis. Funding will be disbursed through TA/Cs to the eligible companies.

Who can apply for iMAP support?

Eligibility of TA/Cs

To be eligible to organise iMAP activities, TA/Cs must fulfill all the following criteria:

  1. Headquarters must be incorporated and based in Singapore
  2. Registered with Registry of Societies (ROSES) or Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
  3. Defined as non-profit organisation1
  4. Activities or functions must be in line with IE Singapore’s mission.
  5. A thrust towards internationalisation
  6. Secretariat2 with adequate staff, financial resources and experience to recruit and organise the proposed activities


  1. TA/Cs will not be eligible for iMAP once the TA/Cs are privatised. TA/Cs are required to notify IE Singapore if there are any changes in their organisation or status.
  2. TA/Cs that engage outsourced secretariat service can be considered on case by case basis. 

Important notes for TA/Cs

  • The organising TA/C is responsible for all expenses related to the activity. The TA/C will seek reimbursement for eligible expenses from IE Singapore on behalf of participating companies.

Eligibility of Companies

Companies that are incorporated/registered in Singapore and have at least 3 of the below core business functions/activities operating in Singapore are eligible to enjoy for iMAP support.

  • Market development and planning. 

  • Logistics and shipping management. 

  • Research and development and design functions. 

  • Manufacturing and other value-added activity.

  • Business and investment planning. 

  • Banking, financial and treasury functions.

Important notes for companies

  • Eligible companies participating in iMAP supported business missions or international trade fairs may also apply for Double Tax Deduction for Internationalisation Scheme (DTD) according to the existing terms and conditions under the DTD scheme. Participating companies are however only allowed to apply for expenses NOT covered by the iMAP grant, e.g. travel and accommodation for up to 2 representatives per company.  

  • IE Singapore will not be responsible to participating companies and vendors in the event that the organising TA/C defaults in making payment to them. 

How do I apply?

iMAP Application Process

For TA/Cs

The Consolidated Exercise is a yearly exercise for TA/Cs to apply for iMAP funding for activities that fall within the following periods. This exercise will usually be open for applications from end November to early December every year.

  • Trade Fairs  : 1st April XXXX – 30th September XXXX (of the following year)

  • Business Missions : 1st April XXXX – 31st March XXXX (of the following year)


For TA/Cs who are not able to submit their applications during the application period, please contact IE Singapore for clarification.

For Companies

Companies interested in participating in iMAP supported activities can refer to IE Singapore’s Events Calendar and contact the respective TA/C organisers for the latest status of iMAP supported activities and other details.

To find out more

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