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Over a decade of bringing Singapore food to the world with a smile

Tasty Singapore is a Singapore food industry brand, backed by strong government support through International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and industry players, bringing Singapore food to the world with a smile.

Over the last decade, Tasty Singapore has become a world-recognised quality mark that stands for diversity, dynamism, innovativeness, quality and safety for all consumers, chefs and industry professionals worldwide.

Be a Tasty Singapore Ambassador

The Tasty Singapore Ambassadors exemplifies the best of Singapore food culture. Passionate about their products and services, Tasty Singapore Ambassadors are also committed to delivering quality food services and reliable food manufacturing solutions worldwide to enhance Singapore's reputation as a global food player.

Each Brand Ambassador has already initiated successful branding and marketing strategies for its company and products, and is now leveraging on the Tasty Singapore brand to enhance its global marketing exposure. Whether processed food manufacturers or restaurant service providers, all these Tasty Singapore Brand Ambassadors have one thing in common... an internationally competitive product offering combining the best of taste and modern technology.

Benefits for you

Tasty Singapore Brand Ambassadors enjoy being part of a world-class food manufacturing and services infrastructure that extends from restaurant facilities and the best chefs, to top-notch food production using the best quality ingredients.

What's more, the Tasty Singapore brand helps position our food companies favourably on the international stage so that they can raise their individual profiles into a combined, globally recognised food brand. In addition to greater economies of scale in their operations, each brand ambassador also gains much better mileage for its marketing efforts.

Join us!

Pushing the brand to greater heights, we have a series of exciting initiatives lined up to help our Brand Ambassadors penetrate foreign markets more effectively.

As a Tasty Singapore Brand Ambassador, you will be entitled to many privileges:
  • Be the first to know about new projects and opportunities in new markets
  • Tap on our wide network of over 35 overseas centres to find partners and opportunities worldwide
  • Be eligible to participate in Tasty Singapore initiatives
  • Enjoy greater association with Singapore's stellar reputation through the use of the Tasty Singapore mark on your packaging and marketing collaterals
  • Reach out to your audience more effectively through our platforms, including website, eDMs and ad-buys in trade magazines and tradeshows
To qualify as a Tasty Singapore Ambassador, your business must meet the following criteria:
  • Minimum 30% Singapore ownership in terms of shareholding
  • Declaration on command and control over operations
  • FM certification: AVA Grade B and above (SG) or HACCP/ISO 22000
  • FS certification: NEA Grade B and above
  • Applicant must be brand owner
  • Annual fees of $300 for membership sign-up, $200 for annual renewal of membership
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