Wholesalers tap technology to extend market reach

11 Feb 2018

All it took was 10 minutes for business development manager Abbie Chen to put in an order online for threadfin and salmon, and a day for it to reach her doorstep.

Singapore startup buys Indonesia's property portal

22 Jan 2018

SINGAPORE property search startup has acquired Indonesia's UrbanIndo, said to be the largest property portal in Indonesia with over 1.2 million active listings,

Tasty S'pore food in Indonesia

16 Jan 2018

More Singapore firms in the food business are getting onto the shelves in top supermarket chains in Indonesia.

Jumbo's appetite for Asia sets stage for future growth

11 Jan 2018

JUMBO, it seems, is ready to kick its overseas expansion into high gear in the next few years.

企发局与逾55业者合作 70个餐饮品牌开拓海外市场

07 Jan 2018


Five questions with FoodZaps

27 Nov 2017

Home-grown start-up FoodZaps Technology provides restaurants with a subscription-based ordering software that syncs to the cloud and runs on mass-market consumer devices.

Dian Xiao Er a hit in Shanghai

21 Nov 2017

Depending on how you see it, a long queue outside a restaurant can mean many things. For the hungry diner, it would be a lengthy wait before tucking into a meal. But to Samuel Yik, founder of restaurant chain Dian Xiao Er, it means he is on to something good, especially when the said restaurant is new to a country.

Delivering the ocean's bounty

21 Nov 2017

Lam Kee Fisheries, an importer, distributor and exporter of frozen seafood, has reeled in a win at this year’s Enterprise 50 (E50) Awards.

Singapore kaya brand is market leader in South Korea

04 Nov 2017

A Singapore kaya brand is now the market leader in South Korea, thanks to a Korean man's love for kaya toast, and a 61-year-old home-grown company which produces unique coconut coffee has also found a niche here.

Crunching numbers

23 Oct 2017

San SeSan Global, which was established in 2003, is a food marketer, importer and distributor. It may be a relatively unknown name in Singapore, but many of the brands that it imports are instantly recognisable to those who grew up here.