Bringing your food business into China

  • Rising consumer spending
    By 2022, 85% of China’s households will be urbanised as quality of jobs and income rise. Urban consumers are also spending more, with consumption growing at 12%. Companies in the lifestyle, food and retail sectors should enter this huge market.
  • Rising demand for safe and quality food
    China’s food regulatory standards have tightened and consumers are now more cautious about food safety. Consumers are turning to imports, leading to a 15% yearly increase in F&B imports between 2010 and 2014. With Singapore’s reputation for quality and stringent government checks, our food companies are well-received in China.
  • E-commerce - a key channel
    Online shopping is very popular among the Chinese population, with cross-border e-commerce revenue to reach US$300b in 2025. Singapore food companies can use e-commerce to break into the market.

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